Agboluaje Zainab Abisola

This is the future I have always dream of. It was made and delivered in Benin Republic. No strikes, no elongated semesters no lecturers harassment or Students bullying. Seamless academic calendar, it’s quite fascinating to experience such education in Benin Republic

… Agboluaje Zainab Abisola

Aikoye Emmanuel Ojimaojo

Right from the day I stepped into UPAO as a university, I knew i have unlocked a true treasure of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I feel very much at home in this country, with light and water being constantly available. UPAO and Benin Republic as a country have given me a second home.

… Aikoye Emmanuel Ojimaojo

Online Text to speech convert into very natural Life after schooling in Benin Republic (UPAO).have been interesting. Because right now I can say I am doing great with my life.

…Abolarin Kehinde Mary.

Oluwole Opeoluwa Abraham

At the beginning, I really didn’t want UPAO as a university, but the moment I started to experience the University in terms of the serenity, ambience and the excellent learning environment, added to the fact that I feel very at home in the midst of the teeming Nigerian Students, I have had a complete change of orientation and I have come to know the there’s only a few University better than UPAO, that one can be. Everything, from facilities, administrative and academic staffs are top notch.

…Oluwole Opeoluwa Abraham

Maduabuchi Esther Nwadiuto

My schooling in Benin republic was beautiful and fun. From having lecturers that attends classes on time to being able to ask questions without fear of being punished and receiving answers.
No strikes, Lovely activities I loved the student week and the excursions. I met some amazing people that contributed to my life positively. The idea of coming into the country alone fascinated me .The comfort of environment made it a lot easier for me to concentrate and actually learn. My schooling experience here was overall amazing

…Maduabuchi Esther Nwadiuto

Aromavo Hendewe

Benin Republic is a very common place where people go in for business, tour and study a close country to Nigeria. I on the other hand went in to study in a prestigious university and one of the best in the whole of Benin republic. Studied computer science which was a 4years course at universite protestante de l’afrique de l’ouest where I bagged my Bsc. I must say the journey wasn’t easy, but the experience was fun and I had a good learning environment with certified lecturers who taught me well. Had my challenges understanding the French language and their currency, navigating port novo and Cotonou, eating their foods over there and understanding their lifestyle. But with time I adjusted and I learnt and got a lot of experience both academically and generally. Although there’s a saying that says “no place like home”, Benin Republic was like home to me.

…Aromavo Hendewe

Bur Douglas

Benin Republic is a place to be, during my stay as student i enjoyed the serenity and composed nature of the study environment and today, am proud to say i studied in Benin Republic.

…Bur Douglas

Merit (Aka Trust)

I will not mince any words in recommending schooling in Benin Republic to anyone. The experience is something you’ll never regret

…Merit (Aka Trust)

Ekeh Thelma

I wholeheartedly invite all to come come join us in UPAO. Its definitely the place to be.

…Ekeh Thelma

Uchechukwu John Ukonu

In Benin Republic (UPAO), you get a guaranteed 😎 future, so bright that even with a sun shade, I still can’t behold the brightness

…..Uchechukwu John Ukonu

Akinola Adejoke

If you are looking for where you dreams can be given some life, where your potentials can be given an additional fillip, then UPAO is the place to be. You can take my words to the Bank. UPAO is the best.

…Akinola Adejoke


I am a 300l student of The Protestant University of West Africa and ever since my enrollment, she has stopped at nothing in improving her educational standard, from providing conducive learning environment to qualified lecturers, availability of resource and material, peaceful coexistence among students and many more. She hasn’t stopped gaining name all over West Africa. For me, it has been a very positive experience